Is the Online RPG Game Still Just For Kids?

Online RPG game stands for Role Playing Game and is basically a game in which the player takes on a character and determines what actions they will take. Although adults have historically created these games kids use to be the intended end user but in today’s economy is that still the case?

Why Play an Online RPG Game?

RPG games usually involve a character in a virtual world that has abilities that obviously are not capable in the real world. This could mean the character can turn an item into money by using a magic spell, fight dragons, go on quests, or anything like that. Most times these games are online and not in real time meaning that if the person logs off an online RPG game, time stops. When events in a game can still occur this is usually referred to as a real time game but some games allow certain aspects of an online RPG game to still happen even though the player has logged off. An example of this would be the Farming skill in an online RPG game entitled, Runescape. A player’s crops will still grow even though the character isn’t online. If you asked any player of an online RPG game why they play you might get a few different responses but most of them will tell you that they play them because it takes them away from the stress of real life.

Who Plays an Online RPG Game?

Kids of all ages play these types of games. Adults play because they give us ways to get away from their jobs, families, children, and other responsibilities. They also play mainly because an online RPG game is a fun way to be someone else without having to truly take over their lives. You can be anything you want in an online RPG game and be an adult. Kids play it because most of these games not only have a free version of it but they offer ways that kids can meet people from around the world. Kids and adults should keep in mind that a free online RPG game misses out on a lot of the extras that can be had if you pay for them. Membership to an online RPG game can open up so many other things they can do such as new quests, armor, clothing, and skills. Kids should also remember to ask their mom or dad before they begin to play any online RPG game.