My Kid Plays an Online Racing RPG Game

Time and time again I can hear my son screaming at the computer when he is playing his online racing RPG game and I wondered what made it so much fun. This article will take you into my journey as I investigate this online racing RPG game.

What I Found Out About His Online Racing RPG Game

First off I noticed that his online racing RPG game was a computerized version of NASCAR. It had a lot of the cars that are normally seen in the NASCAR races complete with the decals and body types that go along with it. His online racing RPG game also included the real trophy style, pit bosses, and actual sounds made by some of these race cars.The best thing about the online racing RPG game was the pit stops made by the cars and the crashes.The pit stops in these games were so realistic.The characters on the online racing RPG game were smooth in their movement as they changed tire after tire and gave the race car driver water or Gatorade to drink. But nothing prepared me for the realism of the crashes. I am not one to relish in the graphics of a crash especially not in an online racing RPG game but the way the designers created this aspect of the game was nothing short of amazing. The crashes depended on the drivers in this online racing RPG game because if the driver was prone to driving erratically then he or she would more than likely end up in a crash. Also if the driver missed a pit stop or if the crew didn’t perform their duties, the driver would be more likely to crash as well.

Is the Online Racing RPG Game Similar to any Other Games?

The game is similar to all other online RPG games in that they are played online and real people play against each other in real time. It is also similar to games in which you win money such as an online casino game because you win the money to improve your vehicle.This was one aspect of the online racing RPG game that I truly enjoyed. It allowed me to take a car and improve it so that I could race it to improve it even further.This brought some more realism into that game that I hadn’t predicted.