Play PSP Games – 101

Many PSP owners know that buying new games after finishing a previous game is quite expensive. So what you have to do in order to continue to play PSP games without hurting your budget? You can try and look online for free PSP games to download.

Once you have downloaded the piece begins into your console you may ask ” how do I play PSP games afterwards?” You have to ensure that you have a firmware off 1.5 and above for you to be able to flee the downloaded PSP games and for it to be compatible to your memory stick Pro duo.

You also have to make sure that this war you can play PSP games you must download the games for the correct version of the firmware or otherwise it will not work. A lot of homebrew PSP games words with firmware 1.5 and below because the new home groupings with higher firmware are being blocked from using and playing the games. Make sure it the games you are downloading ends with PSP because only PC files are compatible with the Sony PSP console.

Updating the firmware can be done any time, but you have to make sure that you download a newer version of the game for you to be able to play PC games with your console. Otherwise, there would be an error message that would say: the game would not be started or the data is corrupted.

Once the PSP games are downloaded to your PC or laptop, connect your PSP console using the USB cable to your PC or laptop. Go to the settings and select USB connection. Now you have to make sure that you load the files to the correct path. If the PSP and GAME folder does not exist on your PSP memory stick, you will have to create them manually in ALL CAPS.

Once you’ve transferred the games from your PC or laptop to your PSP console, you can now disconnect the PSP from your laptop or PC. Now go to your PSP main menu, then scroll over to the game column and scroll down to the memory stick icon. Now select from the list of games and then push the X button. Now you can start and play PSP games.