Deciding Which New Video Game Console To Buy

There are three seventh generation new video game consoles that consumers can choose between. They are the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360 and the Play Station 3. How does an individual decide which of these advanced new video game consoles to purchase? There are actually many ways of determining which console would best suit your own personal needs and your budget.

The Price

The price may have an impact on which new video game console you choose to purchase. Many reviews claim that the Nintendo Wii offers the best value for money since you can purchase a brand new one for around $350.00 depending on which retailer you buy it from. The Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 both cost around four hundred dollars to purchase. If you shop around it is often possible to buy a new video game console for less than the recommended retail price.

Pros And Cons Of Each

Each new video game console has its own unique advantages and disadvantages and some people use this as a basis when deciding which one to buy. The Nintendo Wii has an innovative remote control and great interactive features so that players can actually stand up and physically participate in the game. The Wii is not as good as the PS3 or the Xbox in terms of graphics and this makes it less suitable for serious gamers. It is actually intended for use among families and groups rather than solo action games.

The Xbox 360 is the best new video game console when it comes to the variety of games available for it. This console also has some great online features. However, some people think the Xbox is temperamental and prone to crashing. It is worth considering how long an Xbox 360 is likely to last before deciding to buy one.

The Play Station 3 is the best new video game console in terms of graphics. It can also be used to play BluRay DVDs. On the negative side some people find the remote controller vastly inferior to that of the Wii console. Furthermore, the PS3 doesn’t yet have a very wide selection of available games compared to the Xbox 360, though that could change in the future.

Available Games

Some people decide on a console based on new video game reviews. Before deciding on a console they do a little research in order to determine which has the greatest variety of top-rated games. This is a good way of deciding if the quality of the games you play is the most important consideration for you. However there are other variables that some people think are equally as important as the quality of the games. After all, new games are being developed for each console all of the time and any one of them could turn out to have the best selection in the long run.

Your Personal Expectations

Ultimately when deciding which new video game console to buy it is best to choose the one that you think will best suit your expectations. Do you want a console that is fun for the whole family or would you rather have one that is intended for solo gaming with excellent graphics? Is the selection of games more important to you than the quality or the graphics or the capacity for playing as a group? Once you have determined the answers to these questions you should have a better idea of which new video game console to buy.