Finding The Best Wii Video Game Cheats

There are many different places that you can look to try to find the best in Wii video game cheats. I have a few different video game cheat websites that I like to go to. Most of it will depend on what you are looking for as far as your Wii video game cheats go. There are different Wii video game cheat sites that each have their own purpose. For me though I can get everything I need from two Wii video game cheat sources.

The Best Place To Find Wii Video Game Cheats

The first website I have used for almost 10 years and that is This website is dedicated to all of the most recent updates and Wii video game cheats. Some people do not consider using a FAQ or walkthrough to be cheating. While that is an argument for another day, I myself consider using anything like this that gives you a distinct advantage in the game to be cheating. GameFAQs was started in 1995 and has been providing useful knowledge to gamers ever since. The main focus for this website is to provide FAQs and walkthroughs to users. A walkthrough is just what it says, a guide that takes the user step by step from beginning to the end of the game. Many times these will also offer helpful advice and information on how to play the game, other times they just are a straight forward a to b. GameFAQs has a strong user base that has been writing walkthroughs for many years and in my opinion they have the best out there. FAQs is basically a list of common questions and problems with all of the different games. Again GameFAQs has an extensive list of helpful Wii video game cheats for all of the different titles.

The next kind of website will provides cracks, fixes, and straight up Wii video game cheats. That website is Megagames specializes in codes, workarounds, and game hacker files that really are hardcore cheats. No bones about it, this page provides a way to hack and beat your game. While this type of experience is not necessarily for everyone, if this is what you are looking for they are the best around. The website was founded in 1998 and they have been providing games with the tools they need to beat their game, beat their friends, and beat the programming. And absolute must have in your bag of tricks if you get stuck and have no where to go.