How To Pick Out Great New Video Game Releases

In 2008 alone there were more than 250 new video game releases. In fact several games for each of the three major new video game consoles are released every month, not to mention those that are intended solely for hand held gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS. Even if you only have one gaming console in your home, it would be difficult to afford every new video game released for it unless you happened to have several hundred dollars of disposable income each month and no life at all outside of gaming. That is why most gamers purchase only those new video game releases that they are likely to enjoy playing the most.

Choosing New Video Game Releases By Genre

Some people only purchase new video game releases that are from their favorite genres. There are several different video game genres including action, action adventure, adventure, and life simulation. Within those game categories are different subgenres. For instance, there are different kinds of action game including shooter, platform, fighting, pinball and maze. Of course even those gamers who choose by category or subgenre can only purchase those new video game releases that are intended for their particular console. Some new video game releases are intended solely for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or Play Station 3 while others are available for all three consoles.

New Video Game Releases Trailers And Reviews

Many gaming enthusiasts use online reviews and trailers in order to decide which new video game releases they will buy. There are reviews of the newest releases at numerous websites which are devoted to the subject of gaming. These reviews are either written by professional writers with a penchant for gaming or ordinary consumers who want to have their opinions acknowledged. These reviews can give gaming enthusiasts a good idea of what new video game releases are going to be like before they decide whether or not to purchase them.

It is also possible to watch trailers of new video game releases to see if you wish to buy them or not. You can find these trailers at gaming websites and on YouTube. They are video recordings of actual game play and by watching them you can see what the graphics are like and get a general impression of whether or not you are likely to enjoy it.

You Could Be Surprised Or Disappointed

Though you can read reviews, watch trailers and find out about the genre of new video game releases before you buy them, the only real way of determining what they are like is to play them. Some new releases receive a great deal of hype and in actuality are not nearly as good as you had expected them to be. Other games receive what seems like unfair criticism once you have tried them and realized that they are actually quite engaging.