The Greatest Video Game Cheat Codes Of All Time

If you are a fan of video games then no doubt some time in your gaming you have used a video game cheat code that is just so unbelievably awesome that you just can not believe it. In this article I am going to take a look at three of what I consider to be the best video game cheat codes of all time. While these may not be the greatest to you, for me they are absolutely the pinnacle of everything that a video game cheat code is. Most of these will be PC video game cheats as the computer has a much longer history of more in depth cheats.

The Three Best Video Game Cheat Codes Of All Time

The first up is one that is familiar to anyone who has been a gamer for any length of time – God mode in DOOM. Everyone who has played Doom is not doubt familiar with the code IDDQD for God mode. This mode let players run rickshaw on the competition and fully dominate the opposition. ID games became synonymous with God mode and popularized it. Today God mode can be found in just about every first person shooter, and owes a lot to the original Doom.

The next on my famous video game cheat code list is the ability to fly in Postal 2. In order to take off and zoom around the bird simply type in LikeABirdy and away you go. This let you move to anywhere on the board and fully crush the enemy bots. This mode was so much fun because the concept of Postal 2 was simply massive destruction. In this mode you can lob infected cow heads from high above and rain death down on your opposition.

The Other Great Video Game Cheat Code

The other of the great cheat codes comes to us from the world of Nintendo; the class up down up down left right left right b a start. This was the infamous 99 lives code from Contra, and if you consider yourself to be a gamer you best know it! Countless times it was used to help people defeat Contra and I know of no one that could be the game without it. Has a place in history as one of the best video game cheat codes of all time.

All three of these codes are classic examples in there own way. Each holds a special place in the lore of video games. Without them there would not be the codes and cheats that followed.