What is the Best Video Game for Xbox 360?

So if you are an avid Xbox 360 game player, you are probably always wanting to stay on top of things and know what the best video game for Xbox 360 is. Well, whether you get a free Xbox 360 video game or you pay for it, it is basically impossible to just name one single game as being the best video game for Xbox 360.

Instead there are a few different games that would have to be included on this list, and which you are definitely going to want to learn more about if you are trying to find the best video game for Xbox 360.


One of the best video game for Xbox 360 options is Braid. This is a game that is perfect for all ages, and one of the best parts about this game is the graphics. The graphics are really fantastic and a whole lot of fun to look at. It is a moving story behind the game as well and you can see that there was lots of time and detail put into it.

The game is the winner of several different awards and has actually been ranked as one of the most popular games out there for the past year, which is impressive for an Xbox 360 game because there are new ones being released all the time.

Gears of War 2

This is another of the best games that are currently available for the Xbox 360 but this one is rated for adults so you don’t want the kids picking up the remote to play this game anytime soon. The graphics are realistic and really brings you back to the time of the war. This is a mega-successful tactical shooting game that has several different modes and really gets you to get into the game and feel as though you are really there in the war.

Each and every one of these games is the best video game for Xbox 360 in its own way, and the best idea would be for you to try out every one of these games so that you can find the one that you enjoy playing the most.

You always want to stay up to date on things and make sure that you are aware of when there are new games being released. You can talk to the representative at your local video game store who will let you know of any new releases.