Where To Find The Best PC Video Game Cheats

If you are looking for the best PC video game cheats there are many different places you can go but finding one that works well can be tough. Many PC video game sites are filled with useless material including ads, surverys, and other things that you do not need. In addition you want to find a website that specifically has PC video game cheats and not things like Xbox, PS2, and Wii video game cheats. It is ok if these cheats are on the site, but you want to have a way to clearly differentiate between all the different kinds. I have found a website that has all the best PC video game cheats and nothing I do not need. That website is gameFAQs.com. Why is GameFAQs.com the best place to get my PC video game cheats? Read on to find out!

Why GameFAQs.com Is The Best PC Video Game Cheat Website

The are many reason why I use gamefaqs.com for all of my PC video game cheat needs. The first reason is that they have material on just about every video game made from 1995 on. The website is a wealth of information on video games from all different eras from the early PC games to online games of today. Most of the material on gameFAQs is diligently kept up to date by its huge user base.

This user base are the ones that contribute the material for all of the FAQs. The website is literally made by gamers and is for gamers. Because they do not have the extensive paid staff of many of the other website out there they can offer up the FAQs free of charge with very little ads on the page. This is great because you can quickly and easily find exactly what you are looking for.

These two things combined make the website the best out there. Reason is that they have the most experienced people writing the FAQs and have had them for years. Any game out there is going to have an FAQ on this page before it will appear on any others. This is exactly what you need when you are looking for your PC video game cheats.

In addition to the cheats they also have walkthroughs to help you beat the game without cheating. It can help you to get past spots that normally you would not be able beat by using the walkthroughs instead of the cheats to beat the game. But, if you are looking for just the cheats they have those as well.