How To Fix An Xbox: The Red Ring Of Death

Of course wherever you can save money you should. Everything costs so much these days and so if there is a task that you can take on yourself rather than paying someone to do it, why not? For instance if your Xbox ever breaks, why take it to a repair shop when you could fix it all on your own? This way you can save yourself a lot of money and time, even if you do not have a lot of experience with video game repair it is very easy to learn.

Of course the first step is figuring out what is wrong with your system. One of the most common issues that gamers have with their Xbox 360 system is what is known as the red ring of death. If you see the red ring your first instinct may be to get it fixed by a professional but then you have to pay a couple hundred dollars and wait for over a month to get it back and play your games again so why not do it on your own? These three red flashing lights are dreaded by Xbox players but you can fix it on your own.

Of course if you just bought the game recently it will be under warranty and you can get it fixed for free, otherwise get yourself a fine tip screwdriver and disassemble your Xbox. Be extremely careful with the motherboard as you are taking it out because this is basically the brain of your system. This is the main part that controls your entire system so you definitely do not want to break it. Snoop the X-clamp and then you unscrew the heat sink because you need to get access to both the CPU and GPU.

Take your time and make sure that you do not bend or break anything. You need to clean both the GPU and CPU, and this is a very critical step to getting rid of the red ring so make sure you do it right. You need to be delicate and yet make sure you clean them well at the same time. This is really the only supply that you will need for this repair, and it only costs a couple of bucks.

You can find Arctic Silver thermal compound at any basic computer hardware shop. Now you just let this sit for about twenty minutes and place two nylon washers on each screw. Finally you add two more washers and reassemble the system. The red ring of death should be gone and you can begin playing again.