The Most Popular Xbox Accessories And When You Want Them

The Xbox was even more popular than people predicted when it was released in 2005. Although it has been around for nearly a decade now, it is still one of the bestselling video game consoles in the world. To add on to the excitement and help you enjoy gaming that much more, there are different Xbox accessories you can use. There is the 60GB starter pack which is one of the most basic and yet most popular Xbox 360 accessories.

This kit will allow you to upgrade your console with a new hard drive and more advanced headset that allows you to play hands free and focus more on your game. The Xbox 360 Memory Unit is another ideal choice, and with it you are able to take your games everywhere you go with even more space available than on your regular memory unit. This allows you to save all your gamer profiles and downloads, and you can take them wherever you want if you are going to a neighbor’s house to play or even another country. This allows you to save all your user profiles and games and take it with you wherever you want.

Having extra cables around for your Xbox system is always a good idea. Particularly for avid gamers who play for hours a day, cables get easily get kinked up and get ruined. There are three main cables for the Xbox system that you should be interested in which are the component HD AV cable, HDMI cable and the VHA HD AV cable. At least if you have spares around you will never find yourself in the middle of a game with no way to play because your cables have broken.

If your favorite part of playing is chatting with family and friends then the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit will be perfect for you. It hooks right on to any Xbox controller so you never have to waste time trying to chat again. The headset makes gaming convenient because then you can walk around the room while you are playing instead of sitting right in front of the microphone for other players to hear you. The Chatpad is backlit brightly so you can always see what you are trying to write even in a dimly lit room.

Then there is also the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera, another of the most popular accessories for the Xbox. You use this to maximize your LIVE gaming experience because now you can see who you are playing with. You can all watch each other on camera live and it will feel as though you are right there in the same room together. These are all fantastic Xbox 360 accessories and there are lots of other great ones to choose from as well.