The So-Called Xbox 360 Revolution

The Xbox 360 has always been one of the most talked about and most popular video game consoles. Each person loves it for their own different reason but there are certainly a troop of loyal fans and followers. This comes as no surprise as there are some fantastic games and accessories available for the Xbox but people wonder if it is truly an Xbox 360 revolution or not. This is not necessarily so with the Xbox 360 and there are a few reasons that go to explain why this is.

For one thing there are always limited quantities of the Xbox 360 which is not only problematic but frustrating as well. The Xbox always sells out in all the stores and it can feel like forever just to wait for a few consoles to come back in stock. Not only that, but also the price of the system is quite high especially in comparison to some of the other games available today. The low-end system retails at just under $300 and then you still need games and accessories to have the best gaming experience.

The retail price is $300 and that is only for the low-end system. A lot of gamers also have problems with the fact that there does not seem to be much difference between the newer games to be released and the older versions. The only really noticeable differences lie in the prettier graphics that are used, which doesn’t say much. There is really nothing special about the Xbox 360 that sets it apart from other similar systems on the market today.

These points all go to show why the Xbox 360 is in fact not even close to a revolution in the gaming world. A lot of people complain that there are not enough new games being released either and that this is a huge factor showing that this game is no revolution. On average there is the same amount of games from other systems being released on an annual basis. There is nothing wrong with that.

The point is that if there is someone who is trying to decide which video game console to get they should base their decision on the real details. Considering the cash you have to spend on this so-called gaming revolution, it just does not really seem to be worth it. Just make sure that you consider all the facts before deciding on any video game system. This way you can choose a system that you are actually going to enjoy playing.