Top Picks For Xbox 360 Accessories

The Xbox 360 video game system has always garnished a great deal of attention, ever since it was first released back in 2005. Although it has been around for nearly a decade now, it is still one of the bestselling video game consoles in the world. To make you gaming experience with the Xbox 360 that much more pleasurable there are a few different accessories that you may be interested in. The 60GB starter pack is great for the beginner who is new to Xbox accessories.

You can use this to upgrade your console with a hard drive and headset. What’s more is you will get three free months of Xbox LIVE Gold. You can use this to take your stored information wherever you want, whether you are heading to a neighbor’s house to play or traveling halfway around the world. The added bonus of the carrying case coming on a keychain adds even more convenience.

Having extra cables around for your Xbox system is always a good idea. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a game only to have one of your cables kink up and stop working with no spares to be found. There are component HD AV cables, HDMI cables and VHA HD AV cables. For gamers who really enjoy chatting with family and friends while they are playing their Xbox, an accessory that would be suitable is the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit.

The Xbox 360 Messenger Kit makes chatting a breeze because it features easy to use chat capabilities such as a full keyboard. This accessory is easy to install because it attaches right on to your controller. Then you can use the Chatpad to easily chat to your heart’s desire while playing a game. The Chatpad is backlit brightly so you can always see what you are trying to write even in a dimly lit room.

Simple to install, this camera hooks up to the top of your screen so that other players can see you on camera as you are playing a game. You use this to maximize your LIVE gaming experience because now you can see who you are playing with. Even if you are playing against someone halfway around the world you will feel as if they are right there with you. These are all great examples of the different Xbox 360 accessories and how they can work to improve your Xbox gaming experience.