Top PS 3 games that gamers love

Absolutely,millions of gamers worldwide had experienced playing hundreds of games in different platforms.If one is a gamer, it is also highly likely that you have played first person shooter games and been through wars like Call of Duty PS 3 games. Remarkbale as it may seem, many gamers still relish arcade games such as Pinball or Bowling trying to establish the highest record for all times. For some gamers, evading or killing zombies gives them the adrenaline rush which is why games such as Dead Nation , Red Dead Redemption Nightmare or Dead Rising are popular. Truly, there have been hundreds of PS 3 games produced by the gaming industry but these Top PS 3 games can definitely put your gaming skills to a test.

Resistance: Fall of Man is one of the top PS 3 games that challenges the player to survive in early twentieth century. The enemies are Chimera, a parasitic species that can send you running home but man must make a last stand defending planet Earth. The main protagonist is Hale, a US ranger who must beat time to survive so he can find a way to defeat the Chimeran virus.In this game, US and British Forces join forces as a last stand against the species that has spread worldwide.

Assassin’s Creed Undoubtedly, one of the top PS 3 games that has great visuals and excellent story set in panoramic locations brought to you by Ubisoft the developer of Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell. In fact, this game was awarded in 2008 as the Best Interactive game of the year. The location of the game is visually pleasing as you set foot on Holy Land and perform assassinations that should be executed with precision and sometimes accompanied by combat fights. This top Ps 3 games would challenge even pro gamers since targets would not easily surrender and put up a fight at the slightest provocation. The result is a fantastic open-ended gameplay which is why latest release of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is a best-seller.

Resi 5 – Without any doubt , one of the top PS 3 games classified under horror survival genre. When this game was released, 5.4 million units were shipped worldwide attesting to the game?s popularity and intensive graphics which resulted into an extreme makeover. This is one scary game that could give you the goosebumps.