Where to Find the List of all PSP Games

one of the best ways to find a full list of all PSP games is through Wikipedia. The website has a table of release games starting from the oldest to the newest, complete with a release date, game developer and game publisher. However, the entry on the supposed list of all psp games is clearly lacking in finesse and dynamic visuals. Our site attempting to show a list of videogames most especially PlayStation Portable games should throw them in all their dynamic glory. At the very least, the site should have had the option to click and reorganize the listing according to genre, for example. A bland, alphabetized listing is really does not do justice to revolutionary titles such as “Patapon” or “Little Big Planet”.

On the other hand, IGN.com takes the alphabetized approach a few steps further by including their own rating system. The list of all PSP games at IGN.com are given a rating of 1 to 10 at a score or ranking is based on the gamers and reviewers opinion. And well deserved ones at that since both had massive and well documented appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers. Although the website is really helpful to do their ranking system, the consistent pop up advertisements is really off-putting. Each and every page is practically bordered on all sides by marketing material. Every click leads to different ads or announcements before arriving at the desired page. The commercialism is destroying the vibe. It is so bad to the point that the rating system becomes suspect because the rating could be construed as a paid endorsement. Case in point, the ubiquitous “God of War: Ghost of Sparta” ads in their site and the 9.5/10 rating it garnered from its reviewers. Even before its release, the game already garnered top marks, even though the reviewer points to just better graphics and a more in-depth story of the character. It is quite obvious that they are most of the time one-sided with the rankings in the list of all PSP games.

Commercialism and strict clerical value is not what a sight should have with their list of all PSP games. It should celebrate the essence of each and every game. Sadly, that site has not yet been constructed.