More Fun By Playing Video Games Online

Single player games are becoming less popular every single year. Although the occasional Fallout 3 or Dead Space pops up every single year, multiplayer gaming is the wave of the future. Even games like Grand Theft Auto, which have traditionally been purely single player, are now adding mutliplayer game modes into the mix, and chances are that purely multiplayer versions of these games will pop up several years down the road. If you haven’t made the switch yet, right now is the perfect time to get into the multiplayer scene, and you can start playing video games online today free of charge.

Playing Video Games Online At Free and Pay Services

There are many online video game services available, and they should all appeal to different groups of gamers. Valve’s Steam is first on the list, featuring unparalleled stability and functionality in the PC gaming market. Users can not only play video games online using this service, but they can also shop for new games on the online store. If they register a CD key under any of the applicable games, they can download their games directly to their PC without needing to find the game discs first. Once installed, users can play games directly from the hard drive, and they don’t require discs to be in the PC’s optical drive to work. Considering that Steam is free to use and play video games online with, it’s no wonder that it’s become so popular.

In the console market, Xbox Live reigns supreme. This service also allows gamers to play video games online, although it is restricted to Xbox users. PS3 and Wii owners have to use their own consoles’ paltry online offerings. However, it should be noted that the PS3 appears to be picking up steam, and more games are playing video games online on their PS3s than before because of upgrades to the system. However, the PS3 also doubles as a home theater box, giving it additional value over the Xbox 360 because of the PS3’s integrated Blu-ray functionality.

If you have a Wii, you are almost completely out of luck for playing video games online. While the functionality technically exists, it is much more difficult to hop into games, and the game library alone is much paler in comparison to what’s available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. If you really want to play video games online, it’s suggested that you upgrade to one of those platforms. You’ll pay a little bit more, but your options will be drastically increased.